How can I use my PC keyboard on Android?

How can I use my laptop keyboard on my phone?

Next, you’ll need to install the Unified Remote app for Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone. Launch the app on your phone and tap the “I have installed the server” button. The app will scan your local network to find a computer running the server, so be sure your phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

How can I use my laptop keyboard and mouse with Android?

5 Ways to Use PC and Mac Keyboard on Android

  1. Use PC Keyboard on Android via Bluetooth. If you own a keyboard that supports Bluetooth, then this should be a no-brainer. …
  2. Use PC Keyboard on Android via USB OTG. …
  3. Use PC Keyboard on Android via Chrome Extension. …
  4. Use PC Keyboard on Android via Apps. …
  5. 4.1 DeskDock Pro.

How can I use my laptop keyboard and mouse with Android

How can I use my laptop keyboard as an external keyboard?

You can install a VNC server on the new laptop and connect to it from your other laptop. You could still use the mouse, keyboard, and monitor of the other laptop. You could use a remote desktop client on your Linux laptop to remotely log into your new computer from your own old laptop.

How can I use my phone as a wired keyboard?

Intel Remote Keyboard

The app will let you control your computer through your Android based smartphone or tablet. Shortly, the app will pair the Android device with the Windows computer, through a wireless connection, so that you can use your portable device as a virtual keyboard and mouse.

How do I turn my phone into a USB keyboard?

Install MyPhoneExplorer on both a Windows PC and Android phone. Connect by USB. Enable the MyPhoneExplorer keyboard installed as an input method. In the Extras menu on the PC mirror the phone screen, then you can type on the laptop to the phone.

Can I use my laptop as a keyboard for my PC?

Yes, you can , if your laptop has a Bluetooth or a wifi or a usb port ;-) This way you can not only use your phone as a keyboard, but do a hell lot of things. … Install MyPhoneExplorer on both a Windows PC and Android phone.

How can I control my Android phone from PC via USB?


  1. Enable USB debugging on your phone. Go to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging, and turn on USB debugging.
  2. Launch ApowerMirror on your PC, simply connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable. …
  3. Tap on your device once detected by your computer and click “Start Now” on your phone.

How can I use my computer without a keyboard?

To type without using the keyboard

Open On-Screen Keyboard by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking On-Screen Keyboard.

How can I enter BIOS without keyboard?

Boot up your computer. When you see the startup logo screen, press CTRL+F10 and then CTRL+F11 to get into the BIOS. (It only works for some computer and you may need to try it for a few times until you get in). Boot up your computer and then press the F8, F9, F10 or Del key to get in to BIOS.

How do I connect a keyboard to my laptop?

Click on “Connect” to partner on your laptop. Enter the password; you can now access the desktop via the laptop and use the keyboard and mouse to control the desktop.

How do I connect my Android keyboard?

1. Connect USB keyboard to Android Device

  1. Connect the keyboard to the USB connector and your phone to the micro-USB connector.
  2. The keyboard will automatically connect just as it connects to your PC.
  3. Open any app and start typing on the keyboard and the text will start appearing.

Where is OTG in settings?

Setting up the connection between an OTG and an Android device is simple. Just connect the cable in the Micro USB slot, and attach the flash drive/peripheral at the other end. You’ll get a pop-up on your screen, and this means the setup has been done.

How do I connect a Bluetooth keyboard to my android?

Connect to Android

  1. Turn the keyboard on.
  2. Put the keyboard in discovery or connection mode if necessary.
  3. On the tablet open settings and then bluetooth.
  4. Turn the bluetooth on.
  5. Select “search for devices.”
  6. Choose the keyboard you wish to pair.
  7. If asked, type the pin shown on the screen into the keyboard.


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